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Only after each task has been completed 
at the highest level and fully tested
it's considered complete and can be added to the application after final approval


The quality of the application can be understood within 5 minutes of working with it.
Our quality assurance engineers are committed to ensuring that the application remains flawless in the hands of users. To make quality assurance possible, we also conduct various UI / UX, functionality, performance, security, and other tests.
Our goal is to achieve the perfect user experience and make sure it works as intended. Bug-free apps improve your business and increase user loyalty to the product

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Manual testing is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized projects. Another option is to have automated testing, which is necessary for effective test coverage of the application without compromising quality. 
It requires fewer resources and costs as a result.
Test automation helps eliminate the need for human intervention and focus on scalability. 
Automated testing works great with manual testing

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